How To Apply Lip Gloss Perfectly Step by Step Tutorial With Pictures

Girls love to do make-ups especially they love their lip gloss because they want their lips to look shiny and glossy. Lip gloss is like their friends that they cannot leave. But when you don’t know the actual way of applying lip gloss your lips show a tacky appearance. Now I would help you with how you use lip gloss to get pretty, lovely, glossy, and kissable lips.

How can you apply lip gloss to your lovely lips?

Things that you need to avoid tacky effect after applying lip gloss to your lips.

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You need only a few things that make your lips lovely, shiny, and kissable.

  1. Lip scrub,
  2. Conditioner
  3. Liner
  4. Lipstick
  5. Lip gloss

Step By Step Tutorial

When you should follow these 6 steps to apply lip gloss perfectly!

Step 1: Prepping your lips

  First step that you follow before applying lip gloss on your lips is start prepping of lips.  You can remove dead skin from you lips before prepping then after prepping you can massage your lips for two to three minutes with the help of lip scrub and then clean your lips with wet tissues.

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Step 2: Make your lips soft

   In this step, you have to remove dryness from your lips. To get rid of that you can use a lip conditioner.  That conditioner gives softness to your lips. Then leave this conditioner on your lips for two to three minutes.

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Step 3: Blot the Excess Lip Balm

   After applying lip balm to your lovely lips. You can remove extra lip balm with the help of tissue paper. When you did this, your lipstick would not bleed and you can also apply more products more easily.

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Step 4: Draw a line with a lip pencil

Before did this you should know your lip shape.  After analyzing your lips shape you can use lip pencil of your choice and color. It provides a great base to your lips after applying lip gloss and your lip gloss stays longer with that base.

Quick Tip: You can start from the center of your upper lips and you should follow your natural lip line till the end.

You can also use your foundation or concealer that was matches your lips color. This would also provide a base for your lips.

Step 5: Apply Lipstick

Now there is time to give your lips a classy look by applying lipstick. You use a brush to apply lipstick on your lips and you can fill your entire lips with that lipstick. By using a brush for applying lipstick to your lips. It would give more precision to your lips. You can use lipstick of your own choice.

Step 6: Apply Lip Gloss

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Now it times to give your lips a final touch. You can apply your favorite lip gloss on your lips that give your lips a stunning look. Use a brush of lip gloss and start from the center of your upper lip and drag that brush along the length of your lip. You should avoid applying lip gloss on your lip’s natural line. You can use tissue paper to blot extra lip gloss to prevent bleed.

Final Look of Lips After Applying Lip Gloss. 

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