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Donald Trump has Torn is Last Pair of Good Draws with America!

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Democrats officially introduce impeachment article, Republican forces vote on 25th Amendment resolution.

House Republicans on Monday blocked a resolution aimed at encouraging removal of President Donald Trump through the 25th Amendment while Democrats introduced a new impeachment article against the president.

The two-pronged effort to remove Trump from office in the waning days of his presidency comes after a pro-Trump mob broke into the Capitol last week in a deadly riot.

Democrats can bring up on Tuesday the 25th Amendment resolution and the House could consider the impeachment article the following day.


“He incited insurrection against the government of the United States that resulted in the death of five individuals, dozens of people injured in violence here at the Capitol,” the Rhode Island Democrat told reporters Monday.

Cicilline said he and other Democrats would prefer that Vice President Mike Pence trigger the 25th Amendment or that Trump resign on his own.

“Days have passed, and it is clear that neither of those possibilities will be realized,” Cicilline wrote in an opinion piece in The New York Times published Monday. “So it is Congress’s responsibility to act.”

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